Black Gumbo Southern Gardening

Backyard gardening on the Texas coast


My name is Scott, I am a husband to my lovely wife, a father of three and a pastor living on the flat and featureless coastal prairie of Texas. Among many interests is gardening. I love to garden. Veggies, mainly, but I also grow far too many kinds of figs and muscadine grapes.

This old blog used to be all about adventuring, gardening, storytelling and fishing with my first-born son, we started it back at the beginning of blogging. But its been retooled to focus on our gardening efforts simply because we’re simplifying, and life ebbs and flows. Starting afresh in 2014, this blog will hopefully follow our garden’s growth and its seasonal ups and downs. If we have more ups than downs, smile with us, if not, maybe we can learn together!

Why Black Gumbo? That’s the kind of “soil” we have to contend with here. Super rich in fertile organics, it is deep black. But it is rock hard clay with no tilth, so its useless unless great labor is poured into amending it over a long period of time. A raised bed does just that, it works down into the clay and as time goes by, rich, nutritious soil results. I have clay, not soil… yet.

Enjoy! – Scott


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