Its hard to believe that my tomato plants have run their course. I could leave them in through the heat of the summer, nurse them along and hope for the best. But its already 95 degrees during the days and we aren’t even to September yet when the sweltering afternoons would kill anything outdoors. The plants, but for the Romas, have ceased putting on new fruit, and the Romas have slowed significantly. Its just a waiting game now, the unripe fruits will be matured and harvested in a week at best. I’ll let the plants die off while they keep shading the soil, but in a short while I will be removing them to make room for a late summer crop or fall veggies.

I’ve reviewed many of the tomato varieties already, but forgot about the Black Brandywine. It did not produce well, but the several nice tomatoes I did get were excellent when fully ripe. It was a nice, deep red tomato, very flavorful. If I had begun my plants earlier, I believe there would have been more production out of the plants.

I also have enjoyed several tasty belle peppers, but the peppers are all container grown, and I have not done well with container grown bell peppers. They all fruited, but the fruits are smaller than I hoped for. My Thai chilis are doing well, I look forward to the heat from those little devils.


Its been a wonderful year back to gardening and I am delighted to have enjoyed so many different tomatoes. Its rather sad to take pictures of the last of the harvest. Aren’t they pretty?