We don’t sugar coat anything here. You learn as I learn. I don’t hide failure. Together we can figure out remedies and how to properly diagnose problems.

So now the issue with my in-ground tomato plants is Blossom End Rot. The one thing I planned for ahead of time and amended my soil with garden lime. I took measures to insure this would NOT be an issue, but alas, it is. That tells me it is more likely a matter of fluctuating moisture and water in the soil than a lack of calcium in general. See, that’s what the plants need – readily available soluble calcium; Calcium already in solution with water. Without readily available calcium in water-soluble form, blossom end rot can result. But if it rains really hard when it hasn’t rained much for weeks on end, the immediately available soluble calcium can be washed out of out of reach of the root system. I think that is what happened in one of my two tomato beds.

There are options to make water soluble calcium immediately available, which will help stop further blossom end rot and help avoid the condition occurring on future fruit. I will post later about those. For the moment, share my misery: