After ten weeks, here’s a tour of what grows here at the little suburban plot. This week marks the first significant signs of tomatoes on the vine. My Rosso Siciliano tomatoes are really putting on fruit, more than I expected, and they have tons of blossoms too. Yum. My Romas are laying on the fruit as well. Future sauce growing in my back yard.

Have a walk with me and my camera. I’m not doing a video this week, there is just too much to do in other parts of life this weekend. Can’t even cut the grass.

Here we have first fruits, Rosso Sicilianos, very nice to see clusters of them!


And these Martino’s Roma coming in:


Blossoms everywhere:


And the plants are vigorous and so far, they are healthy. When my yard is in need of mowing, it is easy to see how quickly the lawn attempts to consume everything:


The container-grown plants are doing fine. They had a bath of Neem Oil yesterday, there is an outbreak of leaf-borers in the peppers. I hope to wrangle them into submission with the spray.


The backyard fig bushes are doing well. This is Olympia, a Northwestern variety going into its third year. It has maybe twenty figs on it, looking forward to tasting this variety:


A young Muscadine grapevine is awaking from dormancy to find itself in a new home in a new state. This is an un-pruned “extra” plant, it will be grown as backup in case the vine in place by my trellis fails to take off. I will later root this guy on the north side of my house and let it grow how it wishes.


And the trellis wire is installed. Five posts, 64 feet of wire, that’s 16 feet per vine. Ideally it should be 20 feet per vine, but this is a micro-operation so they will have to be content.


Some of my young fig plants were up-potted recently and are getting used to life outdoors. Some of these plants smell wonderful, a sweet spiciness is noted with a few varieties. There is too much to love about figs.


Some of the large 1 year plants getting increased sun exposure.


My cuttings are doing far better than I ever imagined. I’m having to acclimatize them to ambient conditions now that most have set leaves and are growing roots.


And finally, my experiment to see how some out-of-date seeds would do. These are all black varieties of tomato, and they are the few, the proud, the ones that sprouted from very old and abused seeds stock. Figured if I could get them to grow, maybe they can last long enough to give me a later summer crop.


And there it is. Things are in great shape here, few weeds, minor bugs, keeping everything watered, and the promise of fruit. Its a wonderful week ten!