My days of sitting on the back patio in the cool of the evening, admiring the beauty of the young plants, throwing a Frisbee to the dog, and watching the birds flit about, are growing fewer in number. Spring here on the Texas coast is mellow, the temperatures hover in the mid to high eighties and the nights are still dropping into the high sixties from time to time. Working in the garden is becoming a real sweat-drenched effort, but as of today, all the heavy lifting and labor is done. I’ve moved around enough dirt, bricks and plants, dug enough post holes, hauled enough bags of concrete, now I’m done with that part. The garden is growing and keeping on top of watering and weed is the name of the game.


This evening while checking out the tomato blossoms, I noticed my first tiny little Roma tomato. That is encouraging. I noticed how my Basil is ready to pluck at will. Time for some good spaghetti or Chicken Parmesan. Look at that glorious Basil in the pic at the header of this post! Yum!

I also planted my Muscadine grape vines, I’ll have a separate post about that since it is a rather niche interest. My fig trees are doing fantastic and my cuttings are encouraging. Overall, I can’t be more pleased. This time last year my garden beds were a point of embarrassment to me. They were shamefully ugly. It was a bad year. That’s all gone. We have a flourishing place of dominion over the earth, and I am smiling.


I’ve made a video update if you’d like to see: