Here’s how I think the summer heat and Texas rain can be conquered. It will require regular fertilizing (once every 2 to 3 weeks) to produce the big crops I hope for, and I plan to make videos of the upkeep and tending of these plants through the growing season. Maybe I will even transition the fruits over to my cooking blog and demonstrate some tomato-based recipes. Isn’t that what we all hope for when we plant food crops? Loads of delicious and healthy, home-grown vegetables? Of course it is.

The reality is, we can get bumper crops, skimpy crops, or catastrophe. Here on this blog and on my Facebook page, I report the truth, whatever happens. If this potting method is a bust, I’ll say so. If it bears good yields, I will post about it. I have no interest in ‘being successful’ at this, only being truthful. If I win or fail, I will share. That’s how we can learn and help each other.

Hope you enjoy my planting video: