Here’s a good link that will help me immensely this year. In 2009, I grew tomatoes mainly in containers. I had dozens of plants, maybe 40+, I can’t remember. They were in five gallon buckets or similarly sized plastic pots. The biggest problem I encountered was that they would dry out and when I would come home after work, the tomatoes were wilted and parched, looking sad. I loved walking among the plants, watering them, and in an hour or less, the would perk up. That garden produced a lot of tomatoes, but it was by sheer dead reckoning that I managed to get any fruit. I fertilized with fish emulsion and watered daily, and enjoyed it.

I’d like to do better this year. I plan to plant the majority of my seedlings this year in my garden, but I plan to had a dozen, maybe two, of containered tomato plants as well. There will live in five gallon buckets. But this year, I have been a little more into learning. I want to be a better gardener, so I’ve watched a number of videos and read a lot of articles. Yeah, yeah, any quack can publish on YouTube, but its really a miraculous resource. I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge (otherwise why blog?). I have found a number of good YouTube gardening resources lately and have been inspired to try a little harder. Do some gardeners contradict one another? Sure. Do some have crackpot methods and bone-headed ideas? Of course. But if you survey a fair volume of videos, you get a large field of knowledge from which you can glean and condense and apply those tips and techniques that will benefit your garden the best.

Here’s a basic approach to container gardening. It focuses on tomatoes, and is very good info for the uninitiated here in Zone 9a where it gets really hot in the summer. Enjoy this video: