My seedlings are off to a good start, almost 100% germination rate for all the tomatoes, and the peppers are not far behind. This is 9 days of growth, 7 days under the clear seed tray cover, so technically its a little more than a week. I lowered the lights to help keep the plants from getting too leggy.

Its a tiny jungle in there!

My first seed starting efforts this year were begun mid February. I had a nice selection of tomatoes, peppers and basil but had the lights too close to the  trays. The temp in those trays exceeded 95 degrees and it was just a hellish and humid environment. Nothing but the basil sprouted, and a few determined little tomatoes, and all of them quickly died. I figured out my error pretty quick, and realized I do this almost every year. I now have a little digital thermometer to monitor my temperature and kept the lights just high enough to maintain temps on my table between 75 and 80 degrees, if it approached 80, I’d raise the lights a bit.


My plants will need thinning soon, then they will be transplanted into cups when the first and second set of true leaves are established. I’m really always amazed with every step of the gardening process. One of the most satisfying has always been starting my own seeds.

I’ve already thinned a little of the basil seedlings, and while I am sorrowful to cull the little sprouts so vigorously growing, the smell on my fingers reminds me of why we love basil so much.

I started thinning the basil seedlings pretty early. Poor little sprouts.