My little fellow plucks some juicy Poblanos for dinner

It was fajita night, the grill was hot, and several dozen Poblanos were dangling just feet away. My little man picked three nice ones.


Onto the grill they went. Grilled Poblano peppers are one of the greatest additions to fajitas. Char the skins on the fire (a grill or gas range works fine), then hold them under cold running water as you slip the skin off. Slice open and remove the seeds, cut into strips, and enjoy on your fajitas!


The thing about Poblanos is that they are mild and flavorful. Well, most of them. Every now and then you get a Poblano with some heat. One of these three were super hot. I made the mistake of rubbing my eyes after cutting these beauties and came away with an hour of burn. Still, these peppers are a household favorite, those grown in our garden mean they lack the ever-common wax coating of store-bought varieties, and I know whats in hem on the nutrient level. Yum. Grow some Poblanos.