This is what I’ve been waiting for. Fresh, vine, ripened, slicing tomatoes. I harvested the first five of what appears to be very many of my Brandywine heirlooms today. I’ve been keeping an eye on them, hoping the birds would be afraid of the anti-bird measures, and it seems to have worked. These are nice and large tomatoes, though I watered a bit more than I should have yesterday and it caused the skin of two of the fruits to split with the fast plumping up.

These are my first Brandywines to grow, and they live up to the name. Delicious!

Plump tomatoes, see quarter at bottom for size
Plump tomatoes, see quarter at bottom for size

One of my favorite ways to eat a slicing tomato is with a little cracked pepper, sea salt or equivalent, and some olive oil. Fresh Basil is a plus. I put the salt and pepper on first, then drizzle a bit of olive oil, and top with basil strings. Some grated garlic would be nice too. This dish can be put in the fridge for a few hours to get the flavors nicely mingled. I’ve also enjoyed the same dish topped with Parmesan cheese and placed under a broiler just long enough to brown the cheese.

Look at this! This is what I have been longing to post: