If you love Huy Fong foods Sriracha sauce, you know its become as common as any other condiment in the US. But imagine if you could make your own at home, out of your own fresh ingredients, with whatever variations you wanted? I’ve discovered several recipes for making Sriracha sauce, all of them are pretty much the same fermented delight, but this fellow has some insights that will make the process more interesting to watch.

I am growing several Jalapeño plants this year, along with several other peppers. One of my jalapeño plants is a basic strain, hot and spicy. The rest are called TAM Jalapeños, developed at Texas A&M as a mild variety. I believe I may use both in different ratios to see what levels of heat and no-heat I can get. With variables such as different kinds of sugars and peppers, I am excited by the options. Now, if these peppers would just fruit and ripen…