When I begin to see the amazing design of such a brilliant thing as even a simple plant, I marvel. It all comes from the dormant cells stored up in a dried out seed. That is incredible to me, even after sprouting thousands of plants over the years. The mind of God is declared even in such daily and mundane occurrences, how silly of us to say “I need proof!” when it stares us in the face all around.

New leaves forming on the Okra transplants

I’ve planted some Okra from old seed, and a few of them came up. Its a fat, short Okra named Star of David though it has little to do with Israel. This okra, if it grows like it is supposed to, will need a home on the side of my house where I plan to keep such big things. I’m the only okra fan in the house, so two or three plants should be plenty.

Okra, living temporarily in pots
Okra, living temporarily in pots