Brandywine Tomato

Our gardening adventures continue. After we planted our green beans and cowpeas, squirrels dug through the soil. I thought they had swiped every bean seed I planted but as it turns out, they only found a few. Our beans are now coming up. Sam and I planted some Radishes for quick gratification, and some Swiss Chard as well. Our tomatoes are getting strong and leafy, and they have darkened up a bit. Looking good!

Mammoth Sunflower

I had some garden soil left over so I leveled an area on the side of my house that had been used for storing some junk. In that area, we have some orange flowering Cannas that have made their way from Arkansas, to my front flower bed, and now to what was an old compost pile. They came up as volunteers and I sort of like them there. I planted a patch of Mammoth Sunflowers there too, they are coming up with vigor and will need to be thinned very soon.

My seed starting has been successful on one hand, I have lots of eggplant and tomatoes, and some peppers. But I tried sprouting some pepper plants with the grow lights on them as a source of heat, and over-did it. I had purchased a 6 bulb commercial grow light that can handle four 72 cell seed starting trays, expecting to have a tome of sprouts to plant and share with friends. But what I did not count on what the amount of heat given off by six four foot long T5 bulbs. While peppers benefit from some light and warmth during germination, my lights were too potent and dried everything out before I noticed. I have now started over on the pepper project, which is fine by me, since our hot summers are long and perfect for peppers.

So far the garden is growing well, I am looking forward to produce! We are already out of room for what we would like to grow, plans are being discussed about how to expand for next year. Yikes!

Blue Lake Bush Bean
Blue Lake Bush Bean