Ping Tung Eggplant seedlings get their own peat pots.

I’m very pleased. I’ve managed to get this seed-starting thing down. I can see this being a rather beneficial and economic activity for both myself and for friends. Next year, when I get started on time for a change, I will be able to offer surplus plants to friends and family. What a joy!

I have transplanted my eggplant, Poblanos and tomatoes into larger pots, some peat pots and some recycled yogurt containers. Of the tomato varieties, I’ve successfully grown Romas, Brandywines and Cor di Bue, all heirloom varieties, but sadly, only one comes from my favorite vendor, Baker Creek. I’d prefer to have a few other varieties, I was spoiled back in 2009, but since I did not order seeds in a timely manner this year, I will be happy with these. I still have some Panteno Romanesco in the seed tray, they are older seed and the seedlings are a bit scrawny. I am not sure where I purchased this variety, I think a seed saver on eBay many years ago. I hope they keep growing, I hear they are excellent tomatoes. I need at least 15 successful plants so there will be enough for the birds and for me. I can imagine a fresh tomato-basil sauce on a roasted eggplant parmesian…

Here’s the seed-starting bounty for now:

Out for a little sun, give them two weeks and I think they will be in the ground.
Out for a little sun, give them two weeks and I think they will be in the ground.

I will also be taking advantage of our long summer and will sprout a half dozen varieties of peppers next, some for containers, some for the beds. In addition to the Poblanos I have growing in the pots pictured above, I ordered some others. I love Jalapeños when they are fresh and red, so I’ve ordered Tam Jalapeños, a mild variety from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I also will be trying some Italian Pepperoncini Peppers, Shishito Peppers (since my old seed did not come up well enough), some Tabasco and Thai Red Chilis.

I ordered a couple of bell pepper varieties too, that’s a huge grocery saver, if I can get them to fruit. I love peppers, but short of starting seeds, the varieties available at the local nurseries are limited. I like seed starting!