Despite my disappointment with the “garden mix” from the local mulch yard (Mulch X-press in Friendswood, TX), the garden is now filled with soil. I suppose its a good thing I compost and will be amending heavily over the months and years. We will be planting seeds soon, but since this April is a slightly cooler April, germination may take a bit longer. Here’s a scene I have been waiting to see:

Ahhh, soil!

I’ll be planting herbs and beneficial flowers in the cinder block holes once they start to settle. This is a good day!

Throw in the towel, we’re done!

I will expect some settling over time, and will need to keep the soil depth monitored. I fully expect the cardboard and grass at the bottom to compost and worm activity to loosen up another few inches of soil down there, so the raised bed will eventually be partially beneath ground level. This should be complete by next spring.