Early morning delivery, lots of work ahead

A long awaited load of dirt has arrived and now we’re hauling load after load to the back yard.

I ordered from the local mulch yard, and I should have known better. I’ve used this place on three occasions in the past and each time there was something poor about the “garden mix” that they sell. Its not too bad if you are planting shrubs, but for a veggie bed, well, its not terrible but I always hope for better.

Its supposed to have compost in it. What they call compost is just lightly rotted grass clippings and some wood chips. There was little composting happening at the mulch yard. They should have called it “organic matter with random bits of construction waste added.” Several years ago when I ordered this stuff, I got a proper mix of topsoil and sand, with what was surely demolition waste ground up and mixed in. Some of it had paint on it. I figured I just got a bad batch. This load isn’t nearly as bad, the wood chips, while not compost, will break down. Its the clay chunks that bug me. Great big chunks of black gumbo, which, as the blog name implies, we have in abundance already. Ahh, well.

Samuel climbs the mountain

I ordered 6 cubic yards for my beds, that was what I calculated as needing to fill them up. Six cubic yards is a lot to haul. We made 23 trips with the Gorilla cart and dumped perhaps a half of it, maybe a bit more. Tomorrow we will haul the rest.


I laid down brown cardboard, all tape and glossy white paper removed, and used a bit of newspaper to fill in gaps. I watered down the whole thing and started shoveling dirt. Brown cardboard is like a buffet for earthworms, so I hope they will show up in due time. A trip to the bait shop will help add happy worms to the beds.

Its good to finally have some soil in the forms and the prospect of a garden is looking very real now. Here’s where we stand at the end of Dirt Day, Day 1.