Our cinder blocks arrive. I’m tired of rotting borders, I want something I can get up next to with a weed-eater or with a weed torch.

My last garden finally gave out in 2010. It gave me 10 years, give or take a few fallow years. Over that 10 years, our trees grew up in my yard and my neighbor’s yard that blocked more than half a day’s light from my garden plots, and nothing would grow. That’s poor planning, but what did I know back then? Not much. With half a day’s light, my three 4×8 garden beds were no longer able to make food. It was a sad day when spring came and went and nothing grew in the garden beds but weeds. At that same period of life, we experienced some pretty grueling changes in life (yes, we made it through!), so the garden just seemed to be a low priority. The day would come, I told myself, when I’d raze the old beds and start anew on the other side of my back yard where no trees would block light.

My son helps me. I’m pushing, he’s steering.

That day took 4 years, but as of February 2014, the new garden is now underway. My little boy, Sam, helped me bring in 100 cinder blocks to form a planned 3 beds, approximately 16 feet by 4 feet. I’ll be making a fairly standard raised bed for starters, its what I know best. I’m not too worried about the 8 inch depth either, as the soil underneath breaks down and amendments work their way in, depth will work itself out. I’ll be documenting each step here, along with other garden-ish posts.

We begin the layout of the new garden plots. Three of them will be twice as large as my old garden at its peak. This is when I discovered just how uneven my back yard really is. That’s my little fellow adding to our compost bin.

We’re late for spring planting as I always was in years past, but I’m enjoying the work immensely already. In conjunction with the garden, we had a major backyard cleanup, and a general tidying up of the old compost areas, so it feels good to be out back.

This blog, once a pretty active blog thick with gardening posts, will again document my veggie growing, this time fresh and new. I’ve cleared out all the old stuff, but will post some pics from days gone by just for variety.

Blocks laid out, some will need more leveling but this is a start! I am waiting for a week or two of predicted rains to pass before I fill in with soil. We’re late for planting already so what’s a few more weeks? I was never on time anyway.

A word about images – I love all kinds of photography, from vintage film cameras, Pro SLRs and the impressive little lens in the iPhone. I love photo apps, and square format. I think I’ll use all of them here. Hope you enjoy!