13299459414_78afab387c_hHere’s a nice alternative to a wheel barrow. I purchased this Gorilla Cart from Amazon (with Prime I paid no shipping) and it came two days later ready to be assembled and to haul bricks and dirt and lawn stuff.

Assembly was simple enough but the instructions could have been a little more clear. One person benefits from having a helper, though I managed alone. It seems well made.

Once assembled, I used it immediately to haul 100 cinder blocks from the front of the house to the back yard. I aimed for 8 blocks in the cart, but sometimes only hauled 6 because it was hard work. The cart rolls nicely over soft terrain, and it has a handy dump feature.

So far I’ve hauled blocks, trash, compost, soil, mulch and I can guarantee I’ll be hauling soil in the weeks to come. I highly recommend this garden workhorse, very nice!

Update, after several weeks –  This cart is a back saver. Having done a lot of various garden and yard tasks, cleanup and general hauling, I can say I use this all the time now. I wonder how I ever managed without it. I would even use it to bring charcoal, lighter fluid, and folding chairs from the garage around to the back yard for a summer cookout. This wagon is fantastic in more ways than I imagined. Get one!

Update 2, after more weeks – This cart is impressive. Now having hauled 6 cubic yards or dirt (30 loads or so) from my driveway to the garden beds, and my 50 pound son back to the front after each trip, and dumping all that heavy dirt, this cart seems to be holding up really well. I did find a cotter pin on the ground like the kind used to hold the handle on, but I cannot find where it is supposed to go. I must have popped it out, and maybe a pin that it retained. I think it was part of the handle assembly. But it functioned even without it and I never missed it. I suspect the hardest tests for this cart are now over, and it will spend the rest of its days hauling mulch and compost and doing utility duty. I don’t think I will ever need a wheelbarrow again.