Svord Peasant Knife in blue plastic

I am always after a good blade, whether it be for every day carry, last ditch defense, utiliy or special use. Around the yard and garden, and in the garage, I’ve discovered what New Zealanders have known for a long time. Svord makes a nice little utility knife that has a razor sharp blade on a nicely beefy carbon steel blank. I prefer carbon steel over stainless. Carbon steel may discolor, rust, blacken, and so forth, but you can get a sharper blade and in a pinch, make sparks with it if you need.

The Svord Peasant knife is a simple but pretty witty design, its blade folds nicely between two scales held in place by brass screws and inserts. It doesn’t lock, but the blade tang, which also serves as a hand hanging loop and lever for opening the knife one handed, becomes part of your grip when using. You can loosen or tighten the screws to your preference.

At home on my tool bench

I purchased the blue plastic handles, though I think a wooden handled one would feel a bit more “old-worldy,” and I like that. Here’s the one I got from Amazon: Svord Peasant Knives 137 Peasant Knife with Blue Polypropylene Handles

These are nifty little knives, I keep mine in the garage hanging at my tool bench and its been used for all sorts of utility tasks. Its extremely sharp right out of the box. If you need a handy carbon steel utility knife, this is a good choice for a folder. I like Mora knives for fixed blades, more on those some other time.

A smart folding design

If you are interested in these knives, I have a how-to on my other blog that teaches how to put a forced patina on a high carbon steel blade. It uses a Svord Peasant Knife and it turned out quite nice.